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Our Products

Processed Cheese

Our processed cheddar cheese is filled with the goodness of milk, premium quality Cheddar cheese & butter. Each slice is a rich source of nutrients...


White Cheese

Rich creamy cheese, full coating mouth feel, a unique tangy and pure taste. It contains the useful ingredients that are responsible...


Olive Oil

From the perfect land of Sinai in Egypt, we bring our customers Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Avanti). Highly recommended for a healthy life...


Milk Powder

Pure natural milk powder for the whole family (rich source of Calcium , vitamins and milk protein) Avanti high quality of super instant milk powder...


Pure Butter Ghee

Avanti Pure Butter Ghee is a truly pure butter ghee imported from Europe, Proudly known as The Best, it comes from cows eating 100% rapidly growing grass...


Imported Products

Naturally, we own the world-class natural cheese. A nNatural cheese which is made not manufactured, It is naturally full of Flavor and not flavor stabilized


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With our family of very popular & versatile cheeses, with our wide yet unique range of flavors... Comes our Processed cheddar deliciously sharp cheese, with the finest quality and ingredients.